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GellyFit Basic Sample Kit

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Brand: GellyFit

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    For a Limited time only- try out Gellyfit at a discounted rate!

    Curious about Gellyfit, but hesitant about the price? Then this opportunity is just for you!

    We have assembled a special Gellyfit sample kit at a huge discounted rate- to give you the opportunity to try our amazing brand and understand what all the hype is about! 


    GellyFit Soak Off Gel Polish is uniquely formulated by Pros for Pros using only food-grade ingredients, making it one of the safest and healthiest gel polishes on the market.

    GellyFit is the first soak of gel that is uniquely formulated to create even complicated nail art designs that cannot be achieved using other soak off polish brands.
    Easy application, no shrinkage or fading, perfect gradients and long-lasting wear.
    It's the next generation of soak off gel polish!

    Included in the kit:
    • GellyFit Bonder (11ml) is the first step for removing oils.

    (Only available to a limited amount of sample sets, when sold out the Bonder will be replaced with a second Top Coat)

    Apply on thin nails or nails with a lot of oil or moisture.

    This step can be skipped for dried out and damaged nails, resulting   from artificial tip over-use.


    • GellyFit Base Gel (11ml) forms a sticky layer on the nail plate for maximum colour adhesion. 

      Because of GellyFit Base Gel GellyFit colours do not shrink!

      Cure for 30 seconds using a LED Lamp.


    • GellyFit Top Gel (11ml) helps you to maintain perfect shininess and protects the colour gel, preventing lifting with a high glossy finish.

      Cure for 30 seconds using a LED Lamp.


    • 3 x Gellyfit Colors (11ml) A selection of 3 x regular Gellyfit colors is included in this sample set, for you to create beautiful, high pigmented manicures 
      Cure for 60 seconds using a LED Lamp.
    Colors have already been selected for the sample kits and cannot be changed or chosen.


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